Timesavers Speedsander/Wide Belt Sander

Timesavers Speedsander

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Timesavers Speedsander/Wide Belt Sander

A versatile sanding machine that uses a combination drum and platen head to improve the finish on wood, mitigate hand labor, and is a huge upgrade over the entry level drum sander. This model is designed for cabinetmakers, production shops and woodworkers, making it ideal for a wide variety of small to medium-sized woodworking projects.

  • Number of Heads: 1
  • Head Types: Combination
  • Machine Widths: 25”, 37”, 43”
  • Up to 10 HP Main Drive Motor
  • 60” Abrasive Belt Length
  • 0-4” Bed Opening (34”-38” Passline)
  • 10-30 FPM Feed Speed
  • Single or Three Phase Motors
  • 4” Rubber Covered Drum
  • 1.5” Wide Platen
  • 2 Bed Jacks



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