Baileigh IP-2209-HD 22″ Heavy Duty Thickness Planer

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Baileigh IP-2209-HD 22″ Heavy Duty Thickness Planer

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Baileigh IP-2209-HD 22″ Heavy Duty Thickness Planer

With a 22” width and a segmented infeed roll, Baileigh IP-2209-HD 22″ Heavy Duty Thickness Planer lets you smooth multiple boards with different heights at once. A cast iron table and columns help a wood thickness planer last for years.

  • Massive 10 hp motor spins the cutter at 5,000 rpm.
  • Comes standard with a 5-row spiral cutter head with rotatable carbide blades that last much longer than a straight-knife blade.
  • .25” maximum depth of cut.
  • Runs on 220-volt 3-phase power.
  • Spring-loaded segmented steel infeed roll automatically adjusts to different board heights side by side.
  • Switch between 2 feeding speeds for better results on different types of wood:
    • 30 feet per minute for softer materials (or jobs where a refined surface is less important).
    • 20 feet per minute for hardwoods or materials prone to chipping. This speed gives you a smoother finish.
  • 32″ x 22″ cast iron table supports the material, reduces vibrations, and ensures accuracy.
  • 2 heavy columns raise or lower the table and stabilize the machine.
  • Handwheel lets you adjust the table elevation. Digital readout shows the changes for easy repeatability.
  • Segmented chip breaker stops debris from clogging the industrial wood planer (or your dust collector).
  • Chip breaker also prevents wood from chipping by holding the material down right in front of the cutter head.
  • Solid iron pressure bar maintains even force across the planed stock.
  • Steel outfeed roll moves the material consistently and reliably for fast production.
  • Quick-adjust bed rolls reduce friction.
  • You can set the bed rolls high to keep rough-sawn stock from getting stuck, or set them lower to produce the straightest, smoothest boards possible.
  • Anti-kickback fingers safely grip the material so that it’s less likely to shoot backwards if the cutter jams.
  • Covered by a 1-year parts warranty.
Table Size (Length) 32″”
Table Size (Width) 22″
RPM 5000
Maximum Depth of Cut (Resaw) 1/4″
Cutter Head Diameter 3-1/4″
Max Stock Width 22″
Number of Knives 5 Row Spiral
Maximum Stock Height 9″
Minimum Stock Thickness 1/2″
Minimum Stock Length 9″
Feed Speed 2 Speed 20 & 30 fpm
Table Elevation Manual with Digital Readout
Power 220V Three Phase
Horse Power 10

Additional information

Weight 1630 lbs
Dimensions 60 × 44 × 66 in


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