Festool 500076 SYS MFT Systainer

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Festool 500076 SYS MFT Systainer

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Festool 500076 SYS MFT Systainer

Festool 500076 SYS MFT Systainer will improve the way you work while making it more convenient to get the job done. Safely secure your workpiece for improved results with the most portable work-surface that provides multiple clamping points. The new SYS-MFT brings worktable functionality to a highly portable surface. The SYS-MFT also provides storage for all your key tools like clamps and hand tools. Equipped with 13 clamping points, an integrated V-groove for securing round stock like dowels and pipes, a non-skid strip for even greater security of the workpiece, and a slotted handle for easy transport. The SYS-MFT is the same size as a Systainer SYS 1 so you can use SystainerS side-by-side for an extended work surface. The robust and durable design will support up to 110 lbs (50 kg). The SYS-MFT also integrates with both T-LOC as well as Classic SystainerS and SORTAINERS.

  • MDF consumable top – flat, durable, and takes the beating – not the tools. User-replaceable
  • Integrated V-groove – Traps round stock like dowels and pipes for secure clamping.
  • Integrated non-skid strip – Prevents workpiece movement during work. User-replaceable
  • SYS 1 height – Allows for extended support work surfaces by using other SYS 1 SystainerS
  • 110 lb (50 KG) capacity – Strong enough for the toughest loads
  • Storage – It’s still a Systainer! Holds clamps and tools for improved storage, transport, organization and protection
  • 1x cover for label field
  • Can be connected to the entire Systainer range (except SYS-MINI)
  • Simple, compact transportation
  • Cover with MDF board for clamping and fixing workpieces

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 5 in


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