Stabila LD250BT Laser Measurer W/Bluetooth

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Stabila LD250BT Laser Measurer W/Bluetooth

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Stabila LD250BT Laser Measurer W/Bluetooth

The STABILA LD250BT Laser Measurer w/Bluetooth is the next generation of laser measuring tools. Smaller than your smartphone and equipped with the most important measuring functions. You will achieve accuracy of less than or equal to 1/16in over the entire 165ft range. Measures feet, inches, fractions, meters, square ft., volume/cubic ft. and continuous measure. Blue tooth 4.0 technology allows measurements to be transferred to your smart phone and tablet. Use the free STABILA Measures app. and capture measurements, transfer them to drawings and your photos of your jobs. Professional measuring is high risk. Add accuracy and speed to your measurements with the STABILA LD250BT.

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